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Honoring the Renaissance Man: The Story Behind My Website's Name

– to honor the spirit of courage and creativity that lives in all of us. I'm here for it!


Welcome brothers and sisters, friends, family, and strangers near and far, hello, how are you? I am so happy you are here!

I want to share with you my brand new website. It is called The Renaissance Man.


To be honest, I once rejected the idea of being a Renaissance Man. I felt embarrassed by it and thought to myself, "I can't be that. I'm not good enough to be called this." But a conversation with my friend Joseph Lawrence Goings changed everything.

During our talk, I recounted a story about being called a Renaissance Man, and how I never truly embraced it. Joe encouraged me to honor the Renaissance Man in me, and I realized that being a Renaissance Man or Woman doesn't mean being great at everything. It means having the courage to try new things, even if we fail or fall down along the way. I see so many people in the world who bear it all and move forward with bravery, knowing that failure is a part of the process.

What better way to pay tribute to something than to adopt its name? As such, I am fully supportive of and inspired by all the Renaissance Men and Women across the globe. Let's Go!

In today's world, we need more people who are unafraid to try new things, to fail, and to learn from their mistakes and to show how much they shine. That's why I decided to name my website The Renaissance Man – to honor the spirit of courage and creativity that lives in all of us. I'm here for it!

Thank you for reading,


Travis Widrick

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