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Travis Widrick
Professional Photographer and Argentine Tango Instructor 

My name is Travis. People closest to me call me "Trav"
I grew up on a dairy farm on the Tug Hill Plateau in Upstate NY.

When I am not dancing, teaching Argentine Tango or taking photographs you can find me making sourdough bread, visiting my tiny cabin on Tug Hill, spending time in the woods, playing my guitar, singing, watercolor painting, writing poetry and waking up early to watch sun rises. These are my favorite things. 

My favorite breed of dogs is Australian Sheppards, but I love all dogs. We had Aussies on our farm and since my dad's passing 12 years ago, Aussies have become a happy omen of my father whenever I see one. 

My favorite things on the Tug Hill Plateau and my home of Lewis County, NY 
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